Integrate interactive maps and location data into your web applications and websites.

This library is still under support but it will not be further developed. We don’t recommend starting new projects with it as it will eventually become deprecated. Instead, learn more about our current CARTO for library here

v4 Release Announcement

After several months of hard work, CARTO is very proud to announce the final release of CARTO.js v4, which replaces our existing CartoDB.js library. We recognize that you have been anticipating an updated version for some time so before we give you the details, thank you for your patience!

The updated CARTO.js library has been rebuilt from the ground up. Case Studies indicated that we could change how we structured the API to make it more intuitive for developers. As a result, we created a more low-level, programmatic approach which makes it easier to use and allows you to create fully customized location intelligence apps.

Some of the key features of the Beta release are:

  • A new way of displaying data hosted on your CARTO account, on top of Leaflet and Google Maps maps, in the form of layers.
  • A mechanism for extracting data from your CARTO account in predefined ways (eg: a list of categories). This is the same mechanism that Builder uses internally for its powerful widgets. It includes being able to filter this data by a bounding box.
  • A way of getting the metadata associated to the styles of a particular layer. For example, you will be able to get the names and colors of the categories for a layer styled using a color scheme.

We know that documentation is critical for any good JS library and used this as an opportunity to begin the redesign of how we provide documentation for all of our CARTO platform. Browse the interactive API documentation for the final release to search for specific CARTO.js methods, arguments, and sample code that can be used to build your applications.

Please use the final release and The goal is to gather as much feedback as possible so that we can ensure CARTO.js v4 is rock-solid and super useful for all CARTO users. You can find different support-options if you need help.

Happy coding!