CARTO can be installed on a local server, or set of servers, either directly or using our commercial installer.

Pre installation

Systems Requirements

For a normal installation of CARTO LDS On-Premises, the following hardware requirements are needed:

  • 8GB memory
  • 4 CPUs
  • 300Gb HD

Although it is possible that your installation may work with lower resources, stability of the platform is not guaranteed. It is recommended to use the the optimal requirements.

The platform is only compatible with Red Hat and CentOS 7.x servers using systemd.

A clean installation is required. No other service, or extra software, should be running in the same server. This ensures that you will avoid any incompatibility or resources sharing issues.

SELinux must be disabled, otherwise we cannot guarantee the stability of the current installation.
We do not recommend installing LDS on the same machine where Builder is installed. Both LDS and Builder run a PostgreSQL server, which tend to have a heavy resource consumption (CPU/Memory). Besides, each of the two PostgreSQL servers run different extensions, for which we highly advise against installing both products on the same machine.

Systems Recommendations

It is a very common need to perform debugging operations in the system where CARTO BUILDER is installed, especially when support is involved. The installation of the process, network, IO, and memory debugging tools is highly recommended.

sudo yum -y install tcpdump strace lsof net-tools sysstat procps

Disk Considerations

Some parts of CARTO intensively use the disk. It is important to have a proper configuration of the disks in production, to avoid disk IO bottlenecks.

There is no a silver bullet regarding the configuration of the disks. The performance of the disks may have a impact on the general performance of CARTO, but there are not any restriction to run CARTO on only one disk. For example, as long as the disks is big enough to store all the data, logs, backups, etc.

There are several components that rely on sensible usage of disk space.


CARTO LDS runs on top of PostgreSQL and it may store (depending on the configuration), Geocoder and Data Observatory data which could amount to 150Gb of storage. In order to create snapshots, a minimum size of 300Gb is recommended. Queries can be complex and large datasets may not fit within your memory space so a well performing disk is highly recommended.


Logs are another type of CARTO data that grows in time. It is recommended to have a good log rotation policy and send archived CARTO logs outside of the server.