CARTO can be installed on a local server, or set of servers, either directly or using our commercial installer.

Upgrading CARTO LDS


You can check which version of CARTO LDS is installed using this command:

cat /etc/carto-dataservices.config | grep CARTO_VERSION

You can check the upgrade pack version in the dataservices installer file name:



The CARTO installer artifact can be used to upgrade from a previous compatible running version.

upgrading from 1.x.0 (or lower) to 2.0.0 (or higher) is not supported, please uninstall and reinstall LDS as explained in the Post-upgrade section.

1) Unpack the tar.gz file of the LDS installer

tar xfz carto-dataservices-<version>-rhel-6-x86_64.tar.gz

Where version is the version of the file provided.

When upgrading, the installer artifact's configuration parameters won't get applied to the existing configuration in order to not interfere with existing customizations.

2) In order to upgrade, run the installer (as root):

cd carto-dataservices-<version>-rhel-6-x86_64
./ dataservices
In order to provide an additional security layer, the installer will take a snapshot of your current configuration. During that process, if something goes wrong, the upgrade will restore the snapshot it took and leave your installation as it was before doing the upgrade. During this process the installer may appear unresponsive.


If you are upgrading to a new version of LDS, it is very likely that you would need to load a new dump of some of the databases that certain LDS functionalities make use of (internal geocoding, data observatory, etc..).

1.0.x -> 1.1.x

This version introduces an update for some extensions that Postgres uses in order to do data observatory analysis.

If you have been using Data Observatory, you will probably want to load a new dump of the DO databases in order to fully take advantage of the improvements included in this release. For instructions on how to load a new DO dump, kindly refer to the lds_do section.

1.x.0 -> 2.0.0

To do an upgrade between these versions, it is mandatory to uninstall the current LDS installation and then perform a fresh installation:

1) Uninstall the current LDS installation using tool. 2) Install the new version following the instructions at lds_installation. 3) Configure you dataservices providers following the instructions at lds_providers_lds. 4) Load LDS geocoding database following the instructions at lds_geocoding. 5) In case you are using Data Observatory, please enable and load it following the instructions at lds_do.

2.0.0 version requires a new Data Observatory dump obs\_2018\_04\_18\_e0da59b211, so make sure to load it in step number 5.