CARTO On-Premises allows you to run CARTO on your own private infrastructure, even behind a firewall.


With our On-Premises offering you can enjoy the same powerful and versatile experience that our managed cloud platform provides, deployed in a controlled environment using a simple CLI installer.

CARTO Installer

The CARTO On-Premises installer is a Command Line Interface (CLI) used to install, configure and manage the full CARTO platform on a host server or infrastructure. The installer can support different deployment architectures.

CARTO On-Premises License

To install and use CARTO On-Premises, you must have a valid license. A CARTO On-Premises license ships with the purchased deployment architecture and allows sharing one single CARTO Platform among several users. The number of users is not unlimited and depends on the use case, performance needs, and technical best practice recommended by our team.

Need a CARTO license? Contact to request it.