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What happens in Builder with my EDITOR maps?

FAQs about Editor maps after Builder migration.

Any map you have created previously using CARTO Editor that is being used by a CARTO.js application or that is using a feature not currently supported in Builder will remain in its current state.

However, if an old Editor map is opened with Builder, it will be migrated. While our Product Team has done a lot of work to prevent any problems from occurring during the migration, it is possible that some features may break and the map may require some work to be adapted to Builder. This is also a chance for you to improve your map with new features, like our improved legends and better symbolization options.

If you have a finished map that is live as an embed or being used in a CARTO.js application, those maps can be stored within a Builder account, as long as you don’t need to further modify them. 

Any new map that you create with a Builder account will have the new characteristics and won’t have some features that are still being developed.