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Understanding Residential Energy Usage with CARTO & Doorda

Javier Duque Clifford McDowell
16 min
On demand

How to Use Spatial Data to Create a Wildfire Risk Index

Lucía García-Duarte Mark Gibbas
35 min
On demand

CARTO for Retail: Driving Site Selection Decisions with Advanced Spatial Analytics

Argyrios Kyrgiazos Antonis Tofarides
49 min
On demand

Winning Market Expansion Strategies for CPG brands, Using Spatial Data and Analytics

Jaime Sánchez Trevor Nederlof
46 min
On demand

How ASDA uses CARTO for Site Selection

Neil Drake Florence Broderick Mark Faithfull
42 min
On demand

Advancing Spatial Analysis in BigQuery using CARTO Analytics Toolbox

Margara Tejera Miguel Álvarez García
48 min
On demand

Can Kanye West Save Gap? Real-Time Consumer Social Media Segmentation On CARTO

Lÿden Foust Vanessa López Eslava
39 min
On demand

Developing Spatial Applications with Google Maps and CARTO

Borja Muñoz Tomas Ehrenfeld
55 min

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