Boost your business with Location Intelligence

According to Gartner, the number of organizations using Location Intelligence is expected to quadruple by 2021. What are you waiting for?

  • Retail

    Take on the growing threat of ecommerce with location data and leverage demographic and socioeconomic data to redefine customer engagement.

  • Telco & Utilities

    Maximize operational efficiency and make smarter decisions on your network to gain market share and become more customer-centric through Location Intelligence.

  • Healthcare & Pharma

    Align sales territories, assess staff performance and gain insight on healthcare provision using spatial analytics to analyze, optimize and predict.

  • Real Estate

    World-leading real estate companies and private equity funds know that location is pivotal in getting investment and pricing decisions spot on - identifying opportunities ahead of  the competition.

  • Banking & Insurance

    Whether it’s risk assessment or fraud detection, exploiting location data enables financial service organizations to make smarter decisions and predict the future.

  • Cities & Government

    Smart Cities and progressive governments don’t just manage the data surrounding them, they make it a cornerstone of their strategy and service to citizens. 

  • Transport & Logistics

    Use location data to optimize your operational performance, reduce costs and drive a high-performing transport network or supply chain - saving your organization valuable time and money.

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