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What is Location Intelligence?

Location intelligence is a methodology for transforming your location data into business outcomes. Location data can be anything from addresses, latitude and longitude coordinates, or existing points, lines, or polygons. You can also create spatial data with administrative units like place name, county names and states.

Before jumping into the four-step process, your team must agree on a question that your business is trying to solve. Something like: Where is the best place to target my marketing efforts to reach my most engaged customers?

You enrich your business data with contextual information that would help answer that question. You build up different visualizations with your location data, asking different “what if” questions. What if we placed a store where most of our customers live? What if we placed a store where most of our customers work? You conduct spatial analysis, presenting your data in a way that allows your team to rapidly iterate, asking better and better questions. And once you’ve found something, you take action and adjust your business strategy.

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    1. Enrich

    Enrich your data with contextual information from internal and external sources to help answer your business question.

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    2. Visualize

    Build visualizations with your newly enriched data using an interactive map and data visualization best practices.

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    3. Analyze and Iterate

    Layer different spatial analyses on your data to uncover new insight related to your business question.

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    4. Take action

    Put insight into action and begin creating a plan on how to ultimately reach the business outcome you set to achieve.

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