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Location data is changing the way companies do business. In our Resource Center you will find materials to help you gain insights on where things happen, why they happen, and predict what will happen in the future.

Case studies

Learn how organizations are analyzing their data and getting more successful results by using our Location Intelligence platform.

White papers

Learn about spatial analysis, location intelligence, and big data across multiple industries to turn location data into business outcomes.

  • Big Data Analytics

    See why the best business practice starts with big data analysis, harnessing the power of location intelligence to drive analytics & insights.

  • Location Intelligence

    See why the new business intelligence is location intelligence, harnessing the power of place to drive analysis and insights.

  • Banking and Finance

    Empower your financial institution with CARTO location intelligence. Learn about the new way to visualize risk.

  • Education and Research

    Explore the impact of data-driven visualizations for your classroom and research with CARTO in the learning environment.

  • Smart Cities

    Gain insights to improve planning, services, response times, and drive engagement in your city.


Gain a deep overview on subjects and industries that are disrupting and breaking trends in location intelligence.

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