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Whether it’s commercial or residential, RE firms, funds & consultants are taking their Real Estate Market Analysis to new levels through Spatial Data Science, considering the why behind the where.

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Investment Analysis

Every property has a coordinate, and visualizing assets and investment opportunities is pretty simple. However, identifying property investment opportunities isn’t about where things are, it is about why they are less or more attractive. Whether it’s shared workspaces, data centres or shopping mall location - using spatial variables in your analysis is becoming the bread and butter of Investment Analysis in Real Estate.

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Site Planning

Using multiple location data streams in the site selection process as a Commercial Real Estate developer is crucial in order to understand catchment and trade areas for your final clients. Whether it’s for retail sites, corporate offices or industrial units - justifying pricing, for both sales and rentals, is more important than ever. Bringing in new datasets relating to credit cards transactions or human mobility can be the difference between closing that big deal, or losing it to your competitor.

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Indoor Mapping

Retail and Real Estate firms may use geospatial to get macro-insights on their brick and mortar sites - but the most competitive ones are now looking indoors too. Location data generated from WiFi networks, beacons, GPS applications, and Apple Indoor Maps make it easier for Retailers and Real Estate developers to optimize layouts and maximize efficiency, answering pressing business questions.

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Pricing Optimization

When it comes to negotiating sale or rental prices with clients, having data streams and spatial analysis solutions to hand to justify your pricing strategy can be a key differentiator for your commercial teams. By using reliable data on foot traffic and credit card transactions, you can show growth and potential by location to move deals faster.

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Trade Area Analysis

In M&A, trade areas are fundamental to understand where potential acquisition chains’ customers live in relation to existing or potential business sites. By comparing the number of customers by distance from a business site to the number of households in the study area - your analysts can rapidly gauge the opportunity that a potential investment may have, or that an existing portfolio company may be missing.

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Take the pain away from selecting, collecting, and consuming spatial data with our Data Observatory, a one-stop shop for all things geospatial data.

Augment your own data and broaden your analysis with a wide range of curated datasets on standardized spatial aggregations.

What our clients say

  • The GROW.London solution built on CARTOs allowed our businesses to unlock the potential opportunities that a city like London offers - attracting more investment to the city with compelling web applications.

    Nacho Moreno,
    GIS Analyst at JLL

  • CARTO allows us to use hundreds of spatial variables in our analysis, including demographics, competitor data & credit card transaction data to very quickly gain a competitive information edge in our bidding processes, allowing us to push our assumptions further & faster.

    Tim Kiely,
    Data Scientist at American Securities at American Securitas

  • CARTO is helping our clients to start working with Location Intelligence solutions, leaving behind inefficient, traditional processes. This is a technical and cultural change that makes it possible for a client with a portfolio of several hundred thousand assets to see them on a fully interactive map.

    Jorge Valero,
    Director at Tinsa Digital

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