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Logistics Optimization

Use Location Intelligence to optimize your Supply Chain design, enabling a smarter, faster operation. 

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Solving first mile logistics problems with spatial data science

The central question for logistics service providers is,“How can goods be distributed from supply points to demand points at the lowest possible costs?” The need to answer this question has never been more important given the number of retailers offering delivery services, and in this post learn why so many businesses are turning to spatial data science for new solutions to old problems. 

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Solving first mile logistics problems with spatial data science
Greater routing efficiency

Greater routing efficiency

Create more spatially compact routes for your fleet by analyzing historic delivery patterns. Use new data about traffic, weather, and speed limits as part of your constraint-based optimization.

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Reduced supply chain costs

Whether it’s parcel distribution, waste management or inventory optimization - our logistics solutions provide results - allowing you to decrease fuel costs, save time, and decrease wear and tear on your vehicles.

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Reduced supply chain costs
Improved customer service

Improved customer service

Keep your customers happy with more accurate time window estimates and less missed appointments.

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