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Whether you’re looking to expand, close stores or analyze site performance - let Location Intelligence power your decision.

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More accurately track customers

Site planning with Location Intelligence provides an unparalleled granularity driven by modern data streams. Whether opening, relocating, or consolidating location sites, today's leading businesses are making better decisions with our site planning solutions. 

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More accurately track customers
Reduced risk of failure

Reduced risk of failure

Leaders in Retail and Real Estate recognize the growing importance of always-on location data streams to select sites. CARTO brings together data from market leaders such as Mastercard, Vodafone, TomTom, and Pitney Bowes.

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Faster time to insight

Site Planning shouldn’t be limited to GIS experts or Data Scientists. Enable business users from your expansion, marketing and finance teams to drive decisions through spatial data science.

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Faster time to insight

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