Productionalize analysis workflows

  • Use your own libraries

    Interact with CARTO using your own libraries, functions and workflows, visualizing straight out of Jupyter Notebooks.

  • Simple data transformations

    Perform data transformations using Python and SQL, then upload processed data to visualize.

  • Stunning visualizations

    No front-end development needed. Make it easy for different teams to share the results of your Data Science department.


Simple Data Preparation & Enrichment

  • Spatial data
    Take away the pain of gathering spatial data

    Our Data Observatory and its user friendly APIs make it easy to source, download and manage spatial data.

  • Speed up
    Speed up your analysis

    Save time in data preparation, without needing to import, merge and join for multiple files.

  • Insights
    Get unique insights

    Access premium data sources, going beyond the constraints of open data.

Machine learning

Embedded Spatial Data Science models as simple SQL calls

Machine learning
Data Science models geared for geospatial

Spatial models may not be that mainstream yet, but CARTO gives you access to unique examples for industry-specific problems.

Powerful spatial analytics accessed via simple SQL statements

SQL calls for clustering, outliers analysis, time series predictions and geospatial weighted regression.

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By partnering with a world-class Location Intelligence platform provider we’ve been able to unlock unique spatial insights from our mobile event data - opening new lines of business.

David Fierro

David Fierro

Data Scientist, Vodafone