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How can I improve my understanding of Cartography and GIS?

Three usefull resources to learn the basics of GIS, webmapping and cartography.

:koala: Don’t panic!

CARTO is a tool that allows you to analyze data and represent it with a web map. However, you might be new to web mapping or you might have never heard of terms like GIS, spatial data, map projections, coordinate systems, or choropleth maps.

If that’s the case, don’t panic! We can point you to some resources that might be helpful for you! :rocket:

:earth_africa: Let’s start from the beginning

:book: Introduction to GIS: A free book by Victor Olaya

This free book is a complete introduction to GIS, which will help you take a deep dive into the GIS world.

:gift: Mapschool

This is a quick and complete introduction to different concepts related to Cartography.

:tada: EPSG:4326 vs EPSG:3857

This blog post offers a quick but complete introduction to the map projections and coordinate systems used in web mapping tools like CARTO.

What’s next?

The CARTO Glossary contains useful definitions of the majority of concepts, components processes, and technologies regarding GIS, starting with its own definition. :smile: