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How can I add links/images to Builder popups?

Learn how to add links or images to custom popups in Builder.

To add a hyperlink to a pop-up, the user will need to edit the pop-up HTML. First, the user needs to have a column in their dataset with complete hyperlinks (for example - http://www.domainname.com). From the Pop-Up tab, first activate the column that contains the hyperlinks. Then, toggle on the “HTML” option with the toggle switch located in the lower left hand side. In the plain text editor that opens, you will need to edit the <h4> element that will look like this:

<h4 class="CDB-infowindow-title"></h4>

Add a tag to the element:

<h4 class="CDB-infowindow-title"></h4>

To add an image to a pop-up, in the Pop-Up tab under the “Style” option, select the “image” pop-up style. In the “Show items” section, activate the column that contains the image URLS. CARTO can show images in the pop-up if the images are hosted on a separate site, such as Flickr, and the direct link to the image (ending with a .jpg or .png) is stored in the dataset in one column. After activating the image URL column, the image will appear in the pop-up at the top of the pop-up.