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Do you have any discount for academic institutions?

CARTO offers students, professors and researchers free accounts for 2 years.

Why do you need this?

  • :mortar_board: You work in Academia
  • :books: You are a professor
  • :notebook: You are a student

CARTO for students accounts

In order to get an academic account in CARTO, you will need to signup with GitHub’s Student Developer pack as explained in this other Help Center article.

After setting up your academic account, you will enjoy 2 years of free access to a CARTO account with the following premium features:

CARTO Student Account features

  • :floppy_disk: 350MB database storage
  • :key: Engine access
  • :bar_chart: Data Observatory access
  • :link: Synced tables
  • :world_map: $5 worth of LDS credit per month
  • :eyes: 100K mapviews per month

University CARTO organizations

Some universities are set up as CARTO organizations. If this is your university’s case, you will need to contact your admin user to ask for an invitation.

What’s next

:heavy_check_mark: Signup with GitHub to get your Student Developer Pack.

:heavy_check_mark: Contact your organization admin.