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CARTO Support FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Support.

If you’re unsure of what kind of support we provide, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll learn about all of the common questions regarding customer support. We’re here to help! :heart:

:earth_africa:Regions and Hours

What support coverage is available for customers not in the 2 regions listed (North America and Europe)?

For customers outside of North America and Europe, it is suggested that you select the region(s) with the largest overlap with the business hours in your region. If full support coverage during your business hours is needed, you should consider an Elite Support Package which provides 24/7 support to any customer.

What is the difference between Business Hours and Hours?

“Business hours” are CARTO Support’s hours of operation relative to the regions of coverage. “Hours,” on the other hand, means any hour of the day (24/7/365).

What can I do if we want assistance or new work done but all of our Advising Services units are finished or are not enough to cover the desired work?

You can contact a Customer Success Manager at or your Account Executive about your interest in having a higher level of Support Package.


Who do we speak with if we want to move to a higher level of Support Package?

You can contact a Customer Success Manager at or your Account Executive about your interest in having a higher level of Support Package.

If we have a Premium or Elite Package, who do we contact first if we want to utilize our Technical Advising Services?

Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager to discuss the need, and they will work with you to submit the request to an assigned Technical Solution Advisor.

What does onboarding include, for customers that have Premium and Elite Support Packages?

Customers with Premium and Elite Support Packages benefit from an onboarding process led by a Customer Success Manager (CSM). As part of this, the customer will have a live kickoff session led by our CSM. This is the first activity in our onboarding methodology, where the CSM and customer team review the CARTO implementation, review goals, define onboarding success criteria, define a First Value Project, confirm the frequency of check-ins and other team meetings, and schedule initial trainings.

For the First Value Project, your CSM will work closely with you to identify an initial project for which CARTO’s Location Intelligence products can be put to use and start generating value. You will get step-by-step implementation guidance during the project, which will also serve as introductory training to our technology.

What support options exist for Free and Individual accounts?

All CARTO users can take advantage of CARTO’s Help Center, Developer Center, and GIS Stack Exchange. Our Individual accounts include basic email support, so users can contact our expert Support Team at

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