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Example - Combining Builder Analysis and Styling Options to Create Maps

Learn how to display two different symbologies in the same layer.

You will need to import the following dataset/s into your account:

  • world_commerce dataset: world country data from 2015 about economy and commerce.

Import and create map

Import world_commerce file into your DATASETS dashboard.

  • Download the dataset from here
  • Go to your account and import it using the NEW DATASET options
  • Drag and drop the file

Dataset view

  • Take a look on the dataset
  • Switch between the metadata and the SQL view, try any simple query like limiting the result.


  • Change the name of the map to World Economic and Commerce Data (2015) (double click!)
  • Change the name of the layer to World Countries

Get centroids

Find centroids of geometries analysis

  • Click on World Countries layer and go to ANALYSIS tab
  • Click on ADD ANALYSIS button
  • Select Find centroids of geometries analysis
  • Click on ADD ANALYSIS button and set the analysis parameters as follow:
    • CATEGORIZE..: country
    • OPERATION…: SUM(exports_total)
  • Click on APPLY


Recover the original layer

  • Go back to the main menu and click and drag the A1 Centroid analysis node out (on top)
  • Now there are two layers*:
    • A World Countries (connected to the original dataset) - POLYGONS
    • B Wolrd Countries (conneceted to A0 as the original layer in which the centrodis has been generated) - POINTS
  • Rename B layers to Centroids.


Note: To know more about map layers, check this guide.


Style centroids as bubbles

  • Click on Centroids layer
  • Click on marker width (is showing 7 by default), select BY VALUE and choose value.
  • Set the MIN and MAX as 5 and 20 respectively, and jenks as classification method.

Style polygons as thematic choropleth

  • Click on color fill (is showing yellow/orange by default), select BY VALUE and choose gdp.
  • Choose a color scheme and set jenks as classification method.


  • You can edit the legend and add widgets and popups.

*To know more about style maps by value, check this guide.

Public and share map

  • At the bottom of the main menu, click on SHARE at the right button corner.
  • Go to PUBLISH tab and click on PUBLISH button that is below the Map name in order to share our map.
  • After clicking on PUBLISH, we can select the options that we want to share our map.
    • Get the link URL and paste it on other browser tab: https://public.carto.com/builder/73368f1e-e845-4a1b-8e30-75efb7472681/embed