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Open in CARTO

The next step in data sharing

Improve your data sharing with maps

Open in CARTO is your solution for simplifying open data. Skip download bandwidth and avoid file format headaches. Give your users a way to explore and share data easily.

<a href="http://oneclick.carto.com/?file={{YOUR FILE URL}}&provider={{PROVIDER NAME}}&logo={{YOUR LOGO URL}}"><img src="{{YOUR LOGO URL}}" title="Open in CARTO" class="u-vspace--24"/></a>

Map in CARTO

  • :red_circle: The code above will add a new 'Open in CARTO' button to your webpage.
  • :link: You can manually or dynamically add your file URL to the button code.
  • :earth_americas: Integrate the button on your website to let your users Open in CARTO.

You can also add a valid URL with your logo to the code and it will appear in CARTO. Please prepare this logo as an image in .png format with a maximum of 200px width and 50px height.

Why open in CARTO?

Data is hard. There are very few common and easy to use tools that help people explore and share geospatial data. By adding the Open in CARTO button you give your users an easy way to start mapping and filtering your datasets right away. There are no limits to the use of the Open in CARTO button. If you have data, you can make it come to life.

Why open in CARTO?

  • :seedling: Open in CARTO doesn't come with limits. Add the button to as many of your data downloads as you can! We won't limit your rates or ever charge you a fee
  • :earth_asia: Use the Open in CARTO button whether you are a government data portal, an organization trying to bring visibility through data, or a company that wants an easy way for people to leverage new data.
  • :two_women_holding_hands: Let your users start making maps with one of the fastest growing map communities online. Tap into that community and let your users showcase your data from every angle.

Working on better integrations

Are you using one of these providers or do you want help enabling Open in CARTO?

Data Providers

  • CKAN: Open source data management system that makes data accessible. Learn more
  • DKAN: Open source data platform with a full suite of cataloging. Learn more
  • Ontodia: Big open data publishing and data wraling services. Learn more