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Please check if it's relevant to your use case. On October 2021 we released a new version of our platform.
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My application is not working anymore, what happened?

A guide about map applications not working.

Who is this for?

  • :raising_hand: Every kind of role under a free plan.
  • :seedling: Free plans.

:partly_sunny: Sunset

If you are on a free plan, API keys on that tier were recently sunset, so your application is no longer able to leverage CARTO’s APIs.

We made this change because over-use was putting a huge load on our servers, and impacting performance for other users. :pray:

You should have received advanced notice regarding this change, but in any case we still have some options.

:rocket: What’s next?

Would you be interested in a CARTO Engine Plan? These plans include our Data Observatory, advanced analysis, multi-user capabilities, and more storage, as well as continued access to the APIs and dedicated machine resources to ensure high performance.

If you’re interested, the simplest thing to do is choose a time to speak with our sales team. :zap:

Alternatively, there are a few other options for non-commercial usage.

:unlock: You can still use our SQL and Maps APIs so long as you are querying a dataset that you’ve made public (as this doesn’t require a key) :unlock: Our community programs support usage via the GitHub Student Developer Pack and non-profit Grants Program.