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Your Disk Storage

Understand how Disk storage works.

Why do you need this?

  • :boom: You want to learn more about your disk storage quotas.

What is disk storage?

As a CARTO user, you have a certain amount of disk space available to host your data. Every time you upload a file, import a database table or set up a synchronization for a public Data Observatory dataset from your Dashboard, or through an API, a new table is created, taking up some of the space you have available.

You have a personal account

Users with a personal account have a fixed amount of disk space available. Check our different pricing options.

You are a member of a CARTO organization

As a member of an organization, your disk storage quota is set by the administrator of your account.

In addition to this quota, if you have purchased a subscription to a premium Data Observatory dataset, you disk storage quota is extended to be able to synchronize the dataset to your account if the size is less than 2 GB. In the Dashboard home page, this information is shown in the “Your Usage Metrics” section at the bottom, as “Add-ons”.

You are the admin of a CARTO organization

The total disk storage quota for an organization is shared among all of their users. As an admin, you can manage quotas for each individual user, from your Dashboard:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on the account avatar (the image that is located at the top right of the screen) and a dropdown menu will appear.
  3. Select “Your organization”, so a new menu appears.
  4. In the new menu, select the “users” tab within the “Organization settings” menu.
  5. Select one of the users.
  6. Change the quota and save the changes.

The amount of total storage quota can be distributed among the existing accounts or the new ones that are created.

How can I free up disk storage space?

If you want to free up some disk space, you will have to delete some datasets / tables from your account. The easiest way to do this is from your Dashboard. You can also do it programmatically, using the SQL API.

Deleting a map or map layer will not free up disk space. You have to delete the underlying dataset that was used to create that map or map layer.

How can I buy more storage quota?

Please contact us if you need more disk space.