Community lessons and tutorials

There are countless lessons and tutorials written for CARTO. Here we collect some contributed by the community or ones we found and want to include. See the stellar list of entries below.

Want to contribute a lesson?

If you would like to nominate a new lesson for inclusion to our community section, please fill out this form.

Want to contribute in another way?

Map Academy is open source. What that means is that all lessons and code to create Map Academy lies in our code repository.

Ways to contribute

  • Open issues if you find typos, incorrect directions, old screen captures, and more! You can open an issue at the following page:
  • Open a Pull Request to fix the problem you found in #1
  • Create new content to make Map Academy more full-featured. If you do this, we'll buy you lunch if you come to visit our office in New York! If you can't visit us, we can send swag anywhere in the world.