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CARTO Platform limits

Understand the different limits used within the platform to ensure you enjoy healthy service.

Who is this for?

  • :busts_in_silhouette: Any CARTO BUILDER user
  • :computer: Developers creating applications with CARTO ENGINE

Builder and developers interact with CARTO platform through our APIs. In order to guarantee the performance of those APIs for every user of the CARTO platform and prevent abuse, we have set up some general limitations and restrictions on how they work. Find further information about these limits in our Developer Center.

Depending on your account plan, different limits are enforced when using the CARTO Platform. Please view our Terms of Service, or contact us if you have additional questions.

Note: All usage limits are based per user. For Enterprise account plans, the usage limits apply to each user in the organization.

SQL API Limits

Run SQL statements to programmatically manage data records inside of CARTO. Check SQL API rate and timeout limits documentation for more details.

Limit Free Personal Enterprise
Maximum POST payload 1MB 1MB 1MB
Maximum row size 10MB 10MB 10MB
Maximum payload per job 16KB 16KB 16KB
Maximum job queue length 64 instances 64 instances 64 instances
Maximum job time 10 seconds 10 seconds 5 minutes
Maximum export file size 10MB 10MB 100MB


Generate Anonymous and Named Maps based on data hosted in your CARTO Account. Check Maps API rate, timeout and quota limits documentation for more details.

In addition to the limits above, each individual user and organization is subject to a monthly map loads limit. Every time you make a request to the Maps API endpoint to retrieve tile URLs, a map load is consumed.

Import API Limits

Upload and manage Standard Tables or Sync Tables in your CARTO Account. Check Import API limits documentation for further details.

Enterprise User Management API Limits

Enables organization owners to programmatically add, delete, show, or update users from their Enterprise account. For details, see Enterprise User Management API.

Limit Free Personal Enterprise
Maximum number of organization user N/A N/A 1000 users

Data Services API Limits

The Data Services API offers a set of location data services that can be used to geocode and analyze subsets of data for your visualization. Location Data Services API functions are called through the SQL API, which means that they are also affected by the SQL API rate and timeout limits.

There are some quota limitations for the Data Services API based on your account plan. You can calculate them through several SQL functions.

Tip: These usage limits also apply if you are applying analyses through the front-end, using CARTO Builder.

:rocket: What’s next?

If you are experiencing errors in your application or BUILDER don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team to get assistance. Also remember to check the different sections of the Help Center like the collection of articles about working with SQL queries. Also remember to check the specific limits documentation for each API.