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    Your Account

    Where can I access my account and billing options?

    You can access your account options directly from your CARTO dashboard.

    The billing options are accessible from your account settings, where you can change or upgrade your plan, view past invoices, and edit payment information.

    How long is the trial period for paid accounts?

    The trial period for a paid plan is one month. After thirty (30) days, you are automatically upgraded to a paid account.

    Can I switch between plans during my trial period?

    Yes, you can switch between plans during the two week trial period with the CHANGE PLAN option, which displays all of the available plans.

    Note: This is not applicable for Enterprise accounts.

    How can I downgrade my paid plan?

    If you choose to downgrade, click CHANGE PLAN, located from the billing section of your account options, to view smaller account plans.

    Tip: If downgrading, select a plan that includes enough data storage for your existing data. Otherwise, you will have to delete some datasets from your account.

    What are geocoding credits?

    Geocoding credits are geocoding matches allocated to your account. With our geoocoding service, you can translate addresses into coordinates for points that will be shown in your map. Each geocoding match equals one geocoding credit, so if you geocode a dataset with 100 rows, 100 geocoding credits are allocated from your account. You are notified if you reach the maximum quota of geocoding credits for the month.

    Note: Geocoding credits are allocated to your account and are different from the georeference feature. Georeferencing data converts ZIP codes, IP addresses, counties, countries, and cities as coordinated data. Georeferencing data does not use any of your geocoding credits.

    I am a student/researcher, do you offer discounts for education?

    Yes, we offer a special pricing for students, educators, schools, universities, and research non-profits- including a FREE Academic plan that allows you to use Sync Tables, as well as a discount of 20% on the rest of our plans. For details, see Education and Research.

    Do you offer non-profit discounts?

    Yes, we care about organizations that are making a positive impact. Our free Non-Profit Plan includes extra features, and includes a 20% discount on all paid plans. For details, see Non-Profits.

    Are there special plans for journalist and news media on CARTO?

    If you are a journalist and you have special needs for CARTO, please view our Journalism and New Media solutions page, or contact Sales to discuss the available options.

    How many map layers can I include in my map?

    The maximum number of layers per map depends on your CARTO account. All plans contain at least eight layers. Please contact us if you need a custom number of map layers for your account.

    What does the map view number indicate?

    Map views count how many times your map has been visited, regardless if it was shown in your public CARTO profile page, in the CARTO Builder, or if the map was embedded in your own site.

    map views from public profile

    I logged in with my Google account, how can I remove my Google account from my CARTO login?

    If you login to CARTO by clicking GOOGLE, and you want to de-link your Google account, you must edit your password (and associated email address) in CARTO first. Once the password and email address is set for your account, you can remove access to your Google account by editing your connected apps & sites through your Google account settings.

    1. Before unlinking your Google account, you must define a password and change the email associated with your CARTO account. This sets the password and email that you will enter to login to CARTO after removing Google Access.

      • Change the password associated with your account.

      • From the same page of the account options, change the associated email address with your CARTO account

      Tip: This step is highly recommended, all of your maps and datasets are associated with your registered email address.

    2. From your dashboard options, click Close session from your avatar drop-down menu to logout of CARTO

    3. From your Google Account settings, navigate to the sign-in and security settings to manage your connected apps & sites

    4. Click REMOVE CARTO through the managed apps section

    5. The next time you login to CARTO, if you choose GOOGLE, you will have to grant access to Google again. Otherwise, you can login with the associated email address and password for your account.

    Note: All of your maps and datasets are associated with your registered email address. If you login with a new email, you will lose access to all of your maps and datasets - unless you previously changed your associated email address with your CARTO account settings (as described in step 1 of this procedure).

    Can I change the username of my account?

    No, you cannot change the username of an account. Optionally, you can create a new account with different credentials.

    Can I migrate my data to a new account?

    Yes, you can Export data from any selected map layer and import that data file to a new account with the Connect dataset options.

    Can I migrate my maps to a new account?

    Yes, you can export your map, connected dataset, and any visualizations that were applied to the map with the Export map- option from _Your maps dashboard. Maps are downloaded as a .carto file and can be imported to a another account.