Spatial Extension
for BigQuery

Advanced spatial capabilities for BigQuery users

Bring a fully cloud native GIS experience to BigQuery

CARTO unleashes unique spatial visualization, analysis and app development features right inside Google Cloud’s data warehouse


Seamlessly interact with your BigQuery hosted location data, eliminating ETL complexity and any scalability limits for geospatial workloads.


CARTO uses the most advanced open source vector technology for map visualization. Create stunning maps using data hosted in BigQuery with intuitive SQL commands. We fully integrate with Google Maps.


Unlock a suite of user defined functions (UDFs) in BigQuery with our Analytics Toolbox and perform spatial analysis and enhancement routines natively within the data warehouse environment.


CARTO’s BigQuery Tiler is the only solution to visualize massive spatial datasets without having to move data outside of BigQuery, and it works in minutes without ETL, using SQL.


Developers and Spatial Data Scientists can search, visualize and subscribe to thousands of relevant locations datasets through our Data Observatory with frictionless access to these data streams in BigQuery.


Our Spatial Extension integrates a complete toolkit of frameworks, libraries and templates so you can fast-track the spatial app development cycle on top of BigQuery.

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