Location Intelligence & GIS Platform

Spatial analytics for the modern cloud stack

Advance your spatial analysis with our cloud native platform, turning location data into real business outcomes.

Location intelligence platform to speed up your spatial analysis

Data Scientists, Developers and Analysts solve spatial problems using our data and analysis to understand where and why things happen, optimize business processes and predict future outcomes. Our platform helps you to do this in 4 simple steps:



Integrate with the leading cloud data platforms and analytics tools, including Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift and Databricks. Eliminate ETL complexity and any limits on scalability. Whether you’re looking for SaaS, private or public cloud or self-hosted, our platform is ready to support your location-based decisions on your terms.

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Cloud native spatial analytics with CARTO


Our Data Observatory makes it simple for enterprise organizations to access thousands of "always-on" public & premium datasets, enhancing their spatial analysis with data such as demographics, POIs, human mobility, credit card transactions and much more.

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Whether you’re a Data Analyst starting out in location analytics or a Data Scientist creating machine-learning driven spatial models, CARTO’s services (including geocoding, routing, isolines and basemaps) speed up the process. Carry out analysis from your Jupyter notebooks, or use Workflows and our Analytics Toolbox to easily design and automate analytics natively on the leading cloud platforms.

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Build intuitive location intelligence apps


Visualization shouldn’t just be pretty maps, it should answer a business question. With CARTO, you can rapidly build location intelligence apps or use one of our app templates, providing a solution that your business stakeholders will actually want to use in their day to day, whether it’s for Market Analysis, Site Selection, Out of Home Advertising or Supply Chain Optimization.

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Need some help to kick-start your geospatial project?

Our Professional Services & Support teams can help you accelerate projects, drawing on their expertise in app development, design, spatial data science and GIS.

Professional Services

Whatever the nature of your use case, our Professional Services team can help you fast-track strategic geospatial projects.


We offer a full range of support options, helping you make the most of CARTO’s spatial data and analysis.


A Spatial Analytics platform available on your own private infrastructure

CARTO offers self-hosted solutions for enterprise organizations and government bodies facing strict data security, compliance, and regulation requirements.

Is there any difference in functionality between the Cloud platform and Self-Hosted?

No, with CARTO Self-Hosted you can enjoy the same powerful and versatile experience from our managed cloud platform, including building maps, visualizing and analyzing spatial data at scale, and developing high performing applications—but deployed in your own controlled environment.

What’s the value of the commercial Self-Hosted offering if CARTO’s software is Open Source?

While our open source deployment may be helpful for testing purposes, we do not recommend it for projects where performance, high concurrency, or security are relevant. With our commercial Self-Hosted offering, we provide direct technical support, architecture advisory, maintenance and managed software upgrades. It also comes with a powerful installer with all required components packaged and a handy set of tools for making configuration tasks easier

How do I get CARTO Self-Hosted?

Contact Sales and one of our Account Executives will contact you to understand how you can make the most out of CARTO Self-Hosted for your organization. We will understand your use case to give you advice about the architecture that best suits your needs and we will gather all required technical information about your infrastructure to properly prepare for the installation.

What exactly is installed on my server or in my private cloud with CARTO Self-Hosted?

The entire cloud native CARTO tech stack: including APIs, Builder, Analytics Toolbox, Location Data Services, cache layer…and more.

What kind of architecture deployments are supported by CARTO Self-Hosted?

Depending on your performance requirements, CARTO Self-Hosted can be scaled from one single instance, up to a high-availability setup, in order to provide the best fit to cover your application needs—allowing you to fine-tune resource allocation to each component of the stack to get optimal performance while complying with strict security policies.

What is included in my support and services package?

Depending on the support package, we include various offerings as part of our subscription, such as email access to our Support Team, direct help with deployments, installs and screen sharing sessions for troubleshooting.

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