Spatial Analytics
for Snowflake

Bring powerful spatial capabilities to the Snowflake
Data Cloud

Unlock advanced geospatial analysis features in Snowflake

Geospatial visualization, analysis and app development functionalities native to the Snowflake Data Cloud.


Interact with your Snowflake-hosted location data, eliminating any ETL complexity. Benefit from Snowflake’s near limitless scalability for geospatial workloads, and access CARTO directly through the Snowflake Marketplace.


CARTO uses the most advanced open source vector technology for map visualization. Use point and click features to create stunning, interactive maps using your data in Snowflake.


Perform advanced geospatial analysis and enhancement directly in Snowflake with simple SQL, or use our no-code Workflows tool to design, run and automate your analysis without any SQL knowledge. Unlock spatial indexes or tilesets for analyzing and visualizing very large datasets. 


Developers and Spatial Data Scientists can search, visualize and subscribe to more than 12,000 relevant locations datasets through our Data Observatory, with frictionless access to these data streams in the Snowflake Data Cloud.


CARTO integrates a complete toolkit of APIs, frameworks, libraries and templates so you can fast-track your spatial app development cycle on top of Snowflake.


“CARTO makes map making easy. I can quickly pull the data in, get it on a map, do some light SQL and then share. Collaboration is easy and within a couple of hours we can have a really great visual product to share with decision-makers.”

Jason McVay


Data Scientist, Indigo Ag


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