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Data products don’t sell themselves

Chief Data Officers in Telecom, Real Estate & Financial Services are now expected to find external monetization opportunities, moving beyond internal use cases. Creating data products is challenging, but selling them is even more difficult if you don’t build a compelling user experience. CARTO provides the platform & services to take your Data Monetization to the next level, as well as providing a channel to resell your data.

Mastercard Retail Location Insights

Mastercard Retail Location Insights

Mastercard Advisors needed a partner that would allow them to accelerate the development of a suite of location analytics solutions using transaction spend insights, including Mastercard Retail Location Insights. As well as using our platform widely for internal use cases, they worked with our services team to create a solution which is now used by some of the leading Retail & Real Estate firms in the US, Canada, Australia & the UK. Some of their data is also available as part of our Data Observatory.

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Mastercard Retail Location Insights

Vodafone Analytics

Vodafone’s Group Chief Data Officer partnered with CARTO to develop a telco data monetization solution that would allow them to turn their anonymized & aggregated mobile event data into spatial insights for a range of sectors including Cities & Government, Tourism, Retail, Real Estate and Mobility. Working closely with our services team, they have been able to grow a new B2B revenue stream - providing greater value to their largest enterprise clients.

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Data Partners?

A growing number of our clients need your data for their spatial analysis use case. That’s why we’ve built the Data Observatory, providing them with a one-stop shop for location data so that they can streamline their data evaluation & acquisition processes. If you are interested in finding a new channel to sell your data, then you can do this through our platform.

What our clients say

  • “By working with CARTO we’ve been able to build the world’s leading telco data monetization solution (Vodafone Analytics) for Tourism, Real Estate & Retail - turning mobile event data into highly valuable spatial insights in 5 countries.”

    David Gonzalez,
    Chief Data Officer at Vodafone Group

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