Every policy is influenced by location - from underwriting to disaster response. Whether it’s catastrophe modeling, fraud detection or risk analysis, both Insurance & Reinsurance companies rely on spatial analysis to manage their portfolio before, during, and after events.

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Digital players are putting extensive pressure on banks to up their game and consider more location-based factors in the consumer banking experience. Whether it’s optimizing ATM and branch locations, making more data-driven mortgage decisions, or targeting marketing campaigns for new financial products - the bank of tomorrow needs to consider the spatial context of their clients.

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Credit Card Providers

With the rapid growth of FinTech, contactless payments & consumer trends around “digital wallets”, credit card issuers & networks now gather extreme volumes of Big Data relating to customer transactions & patterns. Whether you need to improve internal spatial analysis of such datasets, or monetize them externally - location-based analysis is critical in your process.

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Investment & Funds

Private equity, ESG, pension & hedge funds (among others) are turning to Spatial Data Science to gain a competitive edge in the screening and portfolio management phases of the investment cycle. Whether it’s Real Estate, Retail, and or network / infrastructure investments - savvy investors see the opportunity in spatial data.

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