No GIS expertise required

    Many GIS tools are complex and difficult to use without specialized training and investments in other tools. CARTO’s platform is simpler, faster and easier to learn, serving the modern web developer & analyst, providing a more adaptable backend and a simplified UX. Our users don’t want to be a GIS department in a silo, but rather a key asset for business decision-making working in tandem with Data Science, Business Intelligence, Strategy, Marketing, Operations - and whichever other department requires spatial insight.

    Seamless connectivity to your existing stack

    Using CARTO’s APIs and SDKS, you can connect your analysis to the places that matter the most for your and your team - including your existing GIS tools. Whether it’s local files, cloud storage or Business Intelligence solutions - we make it simple to connect and embed CARTO maps and analysis in other platforms. Our all-in-one architecture approach aims to make it simple for users to get value out of our platform. No extras, no surprises, no confusion.

    Predictable pricing, no surprises

    Many of the GIS tools out there have complex and confusing pricing models that are difficult to predict and budget for. CARTO provides clear pricing without hidden fees or variable costs for “credits” - making it easier to plan for your public-facing and commercial applications. Whether it’s new types of data, new integrations, or further analytics capabilities - we providing transparent pricing up-front, enabling your team to focus on your mission - rather than complicating your budget with unexpected extras.

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