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Are you getting the spatial insights required from your IoT networks?

Companies & cities are investing millions in connected sensors, but achieving an ROI is dependent on setting up robust IoT analytics that process the location data generated into tangible insights.

  • bring-data

    1. Bring your data

    Import your own location data & enrich it with our data streams.

  • analytics

    2. Analytics

    Analyze historic sensor-generated location data to inform future planning & resource allocation.

  • visualizations

    3. Visualization

    Provide real-time, interactive dashboards to decision makers in cities & government to help them reduce costs & build more efficient cities.

  • IoT Analytics Use cases

IoT Analytics Use Cases

Waste Collection: Reduce waste management costs using fill level sensors in trash cans across cities, allowing more efficient pick up routes & frequency.

Energy Management: Reduce street lightning costs using spatial analytics to understand demand by time & location.

Traffic Management: Optimize public transport infrastructure, such as bikes, buses, trains, & metro services to reduce traffic & improve road safety.

Smart Buildings: Understand building needs & conditions such as heating, lighting & air to make smarter buildings and optimize resources.

Air Quality Monitoring: Monitor the emission of CO2 with pollution & temperature sensors to improve environmental management strategies & clean air planning.

Electric Vehicle Charging: Identify prime locations for electric vehicle charging points based on demand, proximity & accessibility to key segments with a higher propensity to use or buy electric vehicles.

Smart Health: Make critical decisions on resource allocation for public health services across your city, using Open Data alongside human mobility data.

Citizen Safety: Identify higher risk locations across your city, predicting & analyzing crime data to ensure preventative measures are taken to improve citizen safety.

What our clients say

  • CARTO fits into this new set of modern software tools that analysts like to use, making it easier for them to put insights into the hands of decision-makers.

    Francoise Pickart,
    Head of Risk Analytics at NYC Health Department

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