Save time on "data admin"

    Sourcing, evaluating & cleaning spatial data to enrich Data Science models typically take up 80% of your time, leaving only 20% of your time to focus on the most important part of the job - analysis. CARTO’s Data Observatory brings together thousands of location data streams such as human mobility, weather & demographics. Discover the most suitable datasets for your model, subscribe to them, select the variables you need & enrich your data all from your Jupyter notebook.
    Save time Discovering data useful for their analysis 30% Evaluating and purchasing data 30% ETLing the data into common structures 20% Analyzing, doing feature extraction and modeling 20%

    Less time context-switching, more time modeling

    Our Python package (CARTOframes) allows you to seamlessly integrate maps & analysis in your current environment⁠. Visualize datasets straight out of your notebooks, use location data services to convert plain text to geometries (geocoding), create areas of influence within a specific distance or travel time (isolines) & more. Once your analysis is done, add some pre-defined widgets and share the results — empowering business teams to understand & act on the insights from your models.
    Data Science Context Switching

    Seamless connectivity to your tools

    Connect to multiple data sources, including local or remote files, BI solutions or data warehouses (such as Google BigQuery, Snowflake & Databricks). Whether you’re looking for SaaS, private or public cloud or on-premise, our platform is ready to support your location-based decisions on your terms.

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