CARTO Builder for data visualization

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CARTO Builder

Generate rich data insights natively in your cloud data warehouse. Accelerate decision-making and share your analysis results with ease.

CARTO Builder for geospatial analysis

Trusted by the world's leading geospatial analysts

Run natively on your cloud data warehouse

Access your data instantly with a simple, intuitive interface, and start building your interactive maps running natively on top of the leading cloud data platforms.

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Unmatched data visualization capabilities

Builder is designed to support massive datasets, so you can create rich, dynamic data visualizations directly from your cloud data warehouse.
Visualize your advanced spatial analytics

Visualize your advanced spatial analytics at speed

Create and share dynamic dashboards to build engaging presentations and compelling reports - all from the same place. Builder includes an intuitive UI to add interactive widgets, SQL parameters, and filters to your maps.

Visualize complex datasets and several layers

Publish & share your insights

With Builder you can share your visualizations and dashboards in seconds; with other users in your organization, publicly on the web, or embedded in your applications. You have the control of your spatial analysis, whatever your use case.

Publish & share your insightsPublish & share your insights with Builder

Get inspired by our customers

“It is easy to use yet very powerful. Within a couple of hours, you can get a beautifully looking web map live. No need for coding or mapping knowledge as long as you understand your data. The advanced styling and analysis tools can get you even further.”

Data Scientist
SaaS Company, Canada

“I love its applicability. I have created numerous maps with CARTO Builder in the last year. For point features, you can use any icons imaginable and display all kinds of information in the pop-ups - without the hassle. I also created many heatmaps or progress maps that showed our team’s editing work in specific cities or regions.”

Data Analyst
Regional Government, United States

“For a digital mapping platform, CARTO Builder is both intuitive and efficient. It is comparatively the best platform I’ve used in the years I’ve been mapping, and they have been among the most helpful hands on assistance when it comes to snafus while working.”

GIS Developer
Telecommunications, United States

Frequently asked questions

How does the free trial work?

Our free 14-day trial gives you access to all CARTO components, including demo datasets and maps, and a CARTO Data Warehouse instance so you can fully evaluate the powerful features of our platform.

If you are working on the cloud with large and complex datasets and using geospatial analysis for several use cases, we recommend you request a demo so you can start an assisted trial to make the most of our platform.

We have billions of data points, can CARTO handle these volumes?

We designed the CARTO platform to handle datasets of all sizes with impressive performance, cost-effectively, on any modern device. Billions of points, polygons, and lines. Read here how we are making highly performant cloud-native maps.

Does CARTO only do visualization?

No, CARTO also offers rich analytical capabilities, including Workflows, our low-code analysis design and automation tool, and the Analytics Toolbox, a set of functions and procedures you can use directly in your cloud data warehouse. We also offer CARTO for developers, a framework-agnostic approach to developing powerful spatial applications tailored to your needs.

How does CARTO ensure the security of data and user access?

Our enterprise-grade security, authentication, and data access controls let you publish and share your analysis securely with stakeholders. Create secure connections to your data warehouse, give access to your users with SSO, and share your interactive dashboards safely.

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