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Our global network of partners allows thousands of organizations to unlock the power of spatial analysis. Join us to deliver solutions, services & content that enable the next generation of location analytics across the globe.


CARTO’s Preferred Partner Program is a global network of partners across a wide range of industries with an expertise in GIS that use and resell CARTO to provide modern geospatial solutions to their clients. They work with clients to go beyond existing GIS technologies to provide more intuitive & valuable Location Intelligence solutions for site selection, territory management, geomarketing, mobility analysis & much more.

Referral partners at CARTO


Looking to provide cutting-edge spatial analytics solutions to your customers? Our Referral Partner Program allows you to recommend more accessible GIS solutions that are compatible with the modern analytics and data stack, making it easier to turn location data into business insights in the cloud.


Looking for new channels for your data products? Look no further. Our Data Observatory is a one-stop shop for geospatial data streams, allowing users to get the location data they need fast enough & on the right aggregations. Whether you provide human mobility, financial or housing data - we’re interested in hearing from you.

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Key Benefits

We partner with the world’s largest cloud and data warehouse providers, including Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift and Databricks to ensure your spatial analysis connects seamlessly to your modern analytics stack.

A select group of partners from across the globe

Our global network of partners brings together extensive knowledge of our Location Intelligence platform as well as localized knowledge about your market and industry.



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