CARTO Workflows

Automate data preparation & analysis pipelines in your cloud data warehouse with our low-code workflow design tool.

Visualization of CARTO Workflows

Market leaders build their spatial analysis using Workflows

Running natively on your cloud data warehouse

Workflows lets you access your data in seconds with a single drag-and-drop interface whilst running connected to the leading cloud data platforms.

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Automate your analysis and data processing workflows

Design, schedule, and integrate data processing and analytical workflows in your applications and larger orchestrated processes running natively in your cloud data warehouse. Enable your workflows to run by simple API calls.

Include Generative AI on your Spatial Analysis

Use Generative AI to generate labels, parse data, predict, and more - all with our drag and drop solution. CARTO uses built-in capabilities on your data warehouse or external API.

Access a full range of analytical functions

From data preparation and integration, to more advanced modeling including support for Spatial Indexes, Machine Learning and GenAI. Workflows unlocks a complete range of analytical components so you can quickly design and iterate your analysis, reducing the time to insight and the need for specialist skills.

Preview and debug each step of your workflow

Create multi-step data analysis pipelines using our intuitive Workflows canvas. Configure and manage input data sources, define nodes and analysis steps, debug elements and easily visualize interim results in data tables and maps.

Quickstart your analysis with our Workflow Templates

Access our gallery of pre-built examples to get started with Workflows, whether you are looking for basic analysis building blocks or more complex, industry-specific geospatial use-cases.
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Automate your spatial analysis with Workflows