Explore More Space with Javier de la Torre and CartoDB


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Explore More Space with Javier de la Torre and CartoDB
Earth Observation Open Science 2.0

With the recent discovery of water on Mars what better time than now to think of fresh new ways of space exploration and data visualization as well as how we view the third rock from the sun?

On October 12 to 14 join our CEO Javier de la Torre at ESRIN in Frascati Italy to explore the new challenges and opportunities for Earth Observation (EO) research created by the rapid advances in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). This includes open tools and software data-intensive science virtual research environment citizen science and crowdsourcing advanced visualization e-learning and education of the new generation of data scientists.

Javier will deliver a keynote at the innovative Earth Observation Scientific Exploitation Programme: Earth Observation Open Science 2.0. His address titled Making the Most of Earth Observation through Visualization is at session C1A during the Scientific and Visualization portion of the program.

The program’s objective is to maximize the scientific benefits of EO data by capitalizing on the digital revolution and is organized by The European Space Agency (ESA) an intergovernmental organization dedicated to the exploration
of space.

Participation to the conference is free and will be followed by a Hackathon on October 15 and 16.

Happy data mapping and see you in Frascati!