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CartoDB celebrates all things GIS!

Every year, all around the world, people celebrate all things geospatial in mid-November. It is a great opportunity to pick up new skills, learn new platforms, and -most importantly- make and share new maps.

CartoDB will be celebrating this special day by hosting a one hour [workshop/webinar] written especially for the day. The goal of the workshop will be to give an introduction to CartoDB and quickly advance into web maps from realtime data.

We will be focusing especially on:

  • Using custom projections with your projects
  • Creating web maps with custom interactivity
  • Displaying data from on-the-fly geospatial analysis based on realtime data

Sign up for this special webinar [here]. If you’re not able to make it, we will make the recording available for later viewing.

We encouarge all who will attend to follow along during the webinar. To get started, open a CartoDB account (which is free for life) by going to After you successfully sign up, check out our educational materials in our Map Academy and shorter tutorials in
our documentation.

By the way, if November 18th is GIS Day, what does that make November 19th? PostGIS Day, of course. More coming on that soon!

Happy data mapping!

About the author
Andy Eschbacher

Andy Eschbacher is a data scientist at CARTO, where he integrates data science solutions into CARTO's infrastructure, solves spatial data science problems for clients, and builds out tools to better enable people working at the intersection of data science and GIS.

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