Yesterday we announced a significant milestone for this company: we have partnered with EarlyBird, Vitamina K, and Kibo Ventures to take CartoDB to a new level.

CartoDB was started with the mission-driven objective to enable a better understanding of data and thereby improve people’s decision-making capabilities. We founded the company to have a positive impact on the world, and the investors that we have partnered with share this philosophy.

With more than 50,000 users worldwide, thousands of new maps published every month, and even more important, a vibrant community of developers and partners working with the platform, we knew it was the right time to take this step.

We are extremely excited about the impact that the CartoDB Editor has had in enabling both new map-makers and sophisticated users to create maps; seeing these creations is what is especially gratifying for us, and what gives even more meaning to our daily work.

The CartoDB Platform is also enabling great projects and new apps that extract the value of location from data. Many developers who have never before been exposed to GIS technology are creating highly sophisticated GIS solutions; this is crucial for us as we create an ecosystem of companies and developers through our Developers Program and Partners Network. We believe that together as a community we will revolutionize the way GIS is done. And the investments we have secured will be for all: they will be directed to ensure that all our partners have great success with their products.

We have traveled a long way to get here, and although with the benefit of hindsight everything seems to have naturally fallen into place, it is really because of the guidance and hard work of our friends, employees, clients, and partners that we have reached this point. Thank you, all of you—we wouldn’t be here without you.

We will continue to focus on making maps and geo ubiquitous, and we’re excited and grateful to bring along the extra power provided by our investors, developers, and users.

(Visualization in the top: CartoDB users over the world)