Sergio Álvarez Leiva


Sergio Álvarez Leiva

Sergio has spent years bridging the designer-developer divide and making products to improve the way that decisions are made. He has a background in computer science and currently researches data visualization, information design, and interface design with a special focus on data interaction.

In 2009, Sergio co-founded Vizzuality, a company dedicated to visualization, analysis, and cloud-based services for large amounts of data, with offices in Madrid and New York. At Vizzuality, he had the pleasure of working with clients like, Google, NASA, The WSJ, Oxford University or the Open Government Partnership, on projects that really matter. Vizzuality continues operations but Sergio is not longer involved on the day to day work.

In 2016, Sergio was presented with the FPdGI Business Award at the Princess of Girona Foundation Business Awards for his ability to create a business with an innovative and global approach to data visualization using mapping in a world in which images are becoming increasingly important. In 2014, Sergio was selected Top Innovator under 35 in Spain by MIT Technology Review. Sergio has also been part of The Global Shapers Community since 2013.

During the last years, Sergio has been teaching Data Visualization, Code for Designers, and Product Design at the IE Business School, The European Institute of Design, CEU University or the Cartographic Institute of Cataluña.

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