Bringing Location and Predictive Sales Analytics to Mexican Retailers




The Client

Descifra, predicting locations

Descifra is a global Location Analytics provider that brings together cutting-edge Big Data analysis and Machine Learning techniques to provide unique insights around site planning and sales prediction with their Revela and Omen products.

The Challenge

A high-performance, secure and scalable visualization tool

When building Omen, the Descifra product team decided to use CARTO Engine as their OEM, powering their solution with Engine’s one-stop-shop of geospatial tools, services, and APIs.

Descifra’s mission was to disrupt the site planning and sales prediction process by putting cutting-edge Location Intelligence visualization in the hands of their clients. To this end, it was fundamental to have an intuitive visualization tool that was able to deal with millions of data points without compromising on speed, security, and geographical granularity.


30% growth in client-base since integrating CARTO in their solution

By selecting CARTO Engine, Descifra were able to construct datasets fitted to standardized layers of digital cartography - differentiating themselves from more traditional Business Intelligence solutions, moving towards their creation of an intuitive Location Intelligence tool.

Omen, and it’s intuitive CARTO-integrated interface now allows clients to see predictive sales results spatially on mobile or desktop—democratizing access to location analytics across their organizations and creating tangible business outcomes for their Retail or Real Estate operations.

Descifra Omen Solution


CARTO Engine’s capabilities were pivotal in taking Descifra to market fast

Choosing CARTO was an important step in Omen’s journey from product definition to deployment.

By using CARTO Engine, the CARTO.js API enabled them to build a robust app using a lot less code. This allowed Descifra to reduce their time to market and provide a high-quality site planning and sales prediction tool to a range of high-profile multinational clients in the Mexican market.


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