What problem was Sanitas looking to solve with CARTO?

Healthcare is an industry, it’s a business where location is quite important. So, what we wanted to achieve was to know how good the location of our clinics or our hospitals and what special characteristics they have.

How did CARTO help you solve this problem?

Well CARTO is a tool where you can very easily visualize all the information that you have about an area. So we geolocalized in CARTO all the information that we have about our clinics, our customers, our competitors, all the points of interests that create a profiling of a clinic, and we see if there is a relation of the characteristics of the clinics and the income, and the performance of those clinics.

What have the results of using CARTO been?

Well, the results have been pretty amazing because now we understand pretty well how the age of the people or how the income of the people can make an impact on the results of our clinic. So now, we can create with CARTO really customized business plans for every single clinic, every single business in Sanitas.


The main reason to use CARTO is the user experience. It’s very important for users to have a tool where they can play with data, they can have fun playing with the data. CARTO gives you that: it’s quite visual, quite attractive and it’s very easy to use. All the business users want to use it to make decisions, that is the reason why we choose CARTO.