• icon The Client


    Based in Spain, Sanitas is a growing company of Bupa, an international leader in the healthcare field. Working with a 40,000-strong medical team, Sanitas remains committed to its core business of providing health insurance for millions, while expanding its services into the areas of dental care and the management of hospitals and nursing homes.

  • icon The Challenge

    Location Intelligence during site planning process to ensure future expansion

    As Sanitas expands and diversifies its offering, it needed to make sure it was growing in the right places and in the right ways. In order to do so, Sanitas needed a Location Intelligence platform that could evaluate demographic and economic landscapes, as well as track the sales and service performance of locations relative to their data-determined potential.

  • icon Results

    Data visualization to improve patient-care decisions

    Through CARTO, Sanitas was able to gain insights about where to open new healthcare centers, to generate market studies that ensure the profitability of potential sites and rely on a more manageable learning curve and an attractive, easy-to-use, interface.

    Sanitas Customer Story

  • icon Why CARTO?

    Site Planning strategy for healthcare providers

    Sanitas relies on CARTO’s tech stack to inform decision-makers about how to apply location intelligence and data analytics to specific challenges and successfully implement leading-edge analytics to have a positive impact on the financial, clinical and patient-care decisions. CARTO’s solution also helps to create reports detailing sales results and client demographics to drive efficiency, save money and generate revenue.

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