Whether it’s optimizing ATM & branch locations, mortgage assessment, or marketing campaigns - the bank of tomorrow must consider the spatial context of their clients to survive against digital players.

9% of all branch locations in the US closed between 2017 and 2021. Getting the location of your remaining branches right is critical in order to serve your most valuable customers and drive your omnichannel strategy. Considering spatial factors to monitor site performance has become a key priority for Business Intelligence & Data Science teams in banking.

more data used to drive decisions

New FinTech players have redefined what a personalized customer experience looks like between a consumer and their bank. Leveraging location to spatially target marketing campaigns for products such as mortgages, new account propositions, and credit cards can lead to considerably higher acquisition and conversion.

more staff using geo-insights

Strategically positioning your ATMs in order to maximize transactions and revenue is fundamental to ensure profitability. The demographic and socioeconomic profile of different urban areas is changing faster than ever before, which makes the use of new location data streams fundamental to understand how to expand or consolidate your ATM footprint.

increase in usage across network


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