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Private equity firms, ESG investors, pension & hedge fund managers are turning to Spatial Data Science to gain a competitive edge in their screening, portfolio management & investment analysis.

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White Space Analysis

In the bidding process, where Private Equity firms have multiple competitor firms against them - using spatial data can provide an information edge to push assumptions further. Investors in the Consumer & Retail sector can use CARTO to carry out white space analysis, uncovering the potential opportunity a large chain of restaurants or stores may have through expansion.

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Trade Area Analysis

In Retail & Real Estate M&A, trade areas are fundamental to understand where potential acquisition chains’ customers live in relation to existing or potential business sites. By comparing the number of customers by distance from a business site to the number of households in the study area - your analysts can rapidly gauge the opportunity that a potential investment may have, or that an existing portfolio company may be missing.

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Network Analysis

Logistics companies and consumer product manufacturers with chilled & frozen networks can also benefit from geospatial modeling, as distribution represents such a large share of their total opex. With any possible optimization significantly impacting EBITDA (the key metric in the Private Equity world) - many funds are encouraging their portfolio companies to seize the opportunity.

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Alternative Data

Take the pain away from selecting, collecting, and consuming spatial data with our Data Observatory, a one-stop shop for all things geospatial and alternative data to generate alpha.

Augment your own data and broaden your analysis with a wide range of curated datasets on standardized spatial aggregations.

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