CEO Anagraph

“The CARTO ecosystem has allowed us to accelerate the development of customized solutions and meet enterprise client needs in record time.“

CEO Anagraph

Nicolas Delffon,
CEO at Anagraph

  • icon The Client


    Montreal-based developers and consultants, Anagraph, specialize in building out custom geospatial solutions for their clients. Anagraph has a team of designers, developers and GIS experts with years of experience working with large North-American organizations.

  • icon The Challenge

    Lack of information & tools for small, online businesses

    Many of Anagraph’s fellow entrepreneurs work specifically in online B2C, selling their products via online marketplaces, directly to consumers all across North America. Geomarketing solutions have been around for decades, but due to complexity and cost they have long been accessible only to large enterprises.

  • icon Results

    Launch of Geometric, a new geomarketing solution for online retailers

    The Geometric application serves as a SaaS platform for online retailers with one of the key features being its Shopify connector. Visualizing this customer data automatically yields market insights and is instantly enriched with demographic data allowing these online retailers to create an informed geomarketing strategy.

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  • icon Why CARTO?

    Wide set of developer tools

    Using the complete set of CARTO developer tools, Anagraph was able to go from conception to completed product faster than ever. By utilizing the core analysis engine along with key APIs and libraries, this allowed for a design process that, for a small team at Anagraph, could have taken well over a year, to be completed in just six months.

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