Íñigo Medina

Product Manager

Íñigo Medina

Iñigo started building digital products back when he was writing a thesis on Leibniz and the roots of statistics and probability. With a multi-faceted background, including philosophy, mathematics, law and software engineering, he pretty soon developed a comprehensive approach to any kind of digital product that relies on software.

He has built products and teams, involved in almost every activity (development, design, content, support, sales…) from a wide range of levels (programmer, lead, CTO, CPO…) and in a broad spectrum of companies (from small businesses to IBM). All along this route, his point of departure has been human-centered, rather than technology-centered, putting the focus on user research and detailed planning, avoiding the feature-loaded products that go early to market.

In his spare time he is basically a family man and a reader-drawer-dreamer. He is at CARTO to enjoy making superior products.

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