Jaak Laineste

Head of Mobile

Jaak Laineste

Jaak has worked in various organizational and technical GIS evangelism roles since the early 1990s. In 1999 he co-founded Reach-U, a pioneering location-based service provider for mobile operators around the world, and key partner to the market leader, Ericsson. In 2006 he founded Nutiteq, one of the first creators of smartphone mapping technologies. Part of CARTO since 2016, Nutiteq provides first-class mapping solutions for mobile platforms as CARTO’s mobile division, with Jaak heading this team in Tartu, Estonia.

A father of three, Jaak has university degrees in geoinformatics, business administration, and psychology. He is a board member of the Estonian chapter of OpenStreetMap and of the Estonian Geoinformatics Society.

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