How to Reduce Costs with Spatial Indexes for Big Geospatial Data

Helen McKenzie (Geospatial Advocate, CARTO) Daria Kolarczyk (Moderator, CARTO)
29 Mar
09:00 AM
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Increasing International CPG Market Share with Location Intelligence

Helen McKenzie Dylan Winbourn
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Enabling Scalable Geospatial Analytics with AWS & CARTO

Sohaib Katariwala Matt Forrest
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UK Consumer Spending Patterns: What does Location Data tell us?

Helen McKenzie Paul Langston
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CARTO for CPG - Integrated Spatial Analytics for Consumer Brands

Jamie Woolley Matt Forrest
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How to Analyze & Optimize Mobility with Geospatial Data

Oleksii Bielov Tomas Ehrenfeld
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Understanding Residential Energy Usage with CARTO & Doorda

Javier Duque Clifford McDowell
16 min
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How to Use Spatial Data to Create a Wildfire Risk Index

Lucía García-Duarte Mark Gibbas
35 min
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CARTO for Retail: Driving Site Selection Decisions with Advanced Spatial Analytics

Argyrios Kyrgiazos Antonis Tofarides
49 min

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