Maximizing Telco Data for Demand Planning, Data Monetization, and Microtargeting

Niek van Veen (VP for Growth at Thinking Machines) Florence Broderick (Chief Marketing Officer at CARTO) Andrew Psaltis (APAC Technology Practice Lead, Data Analytics & AI at Google Cloud)
21 Oct
02:30 AM
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Spatial Analytics in the Cloud Using Snowflake & CARTO

Javier de la Torre Sergei Sokolenko
58 min
On demand

CARTO Cloud Native – An Introduction to the Spatial Extension for BigQuery

Margara Tejera Miguel Álvarez García
57 min
On demand

Using Places (POI) Data for QSR Site Selection

Javier Pérez Trufero Jackie Wald
34 min
On demand

Using CARTO & Databricks for Spatial Data Science

Borja Muñoz Raela Wang
40 min
On demand

Why High-Resolution Spatial Data on Population Matters

Giulia Carella Andrew J Tatem
39 min
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Google Analytics location data visualized with CARTO & BigQuery

52 min
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The Role of Indoor Mapping in the “New Normal”

Javier de la Torre Victor Alvarez Gregory Botanes
36 min
On demand

The Ultimate Guide to Location Data: New Datasets & Methods

Javier Pérez Trufero Alejandra Aranzadi
33 min

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