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Understanding Residential Energy Usage with CARTO & Doorda

Javier Duque Clifford McDowell
16 min
On demand

5 Ways to Strategize for Emerging Short-Term Rental Trends

Alejandra Aranzadi Pierre Becerril
38 min
On demand

The Ultimate Guide to Location Data: New Datasets & Methods

Javier Pérez Trufero Alejandra Aranzadi
33 min
On demand

Market Analysis Through Consumer Behavior Pattern Insights

Andy Eschbacher Ryan Fox Squire
46 min
On demand

How to Use Spatial Data Science in Your Site Planning Process

Giulia Carella Steve Isaac
31 min
On demand

Supercharging Site Planning & Monitoring in Retail & Real Estate

Florence Broderick Javier Pérez Trufero Iñigo Medina
31 min
On demand

Evaluate Real Estate investments in Opportunity Zones with Location Data

Sébastien Burgess Leo Mackey
20 min
On demand

How Location Intelligence is set to drive PropTech growth in 2019

Matt Forrest Peter Murray
32 min

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