Join us for GeoJourNews!


Discover the synergy between news and mapping at GeoJourNews, a two-day conference featuring talks, keynotes, and hackday projects.

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Join us for GeoJourNews!

Take a look at some of the most well-trafficked maps in our gallery and it's not hard to understand how often data-driven journalism underscores great maps  and how common the contribution of reporters is to our community at CartoDB. To support this growing group of cartographers in newsrooms  we're hosting a two-day conference in two weeks and you're invited! Read on to learn more about our schedule  our speakers  and how you can score tickets!




GeoJourNews (a pun on geo-journos) is a two-day conference showcasing maps made with news data  informed by talks from some of the most prolific and creative mapmakers in our community. Co-sponsored by Knight-Mozilla Open News  the daytime conference will be co-hosted at Parson's: The New School  with evening venues in and around New York. Our featured speakers are coders  journalists  cartographers  and educators from newsrooms and institutions around the world; including among others  Al Jazeera  ProPublica  The Guardian  the Wall Street Journal  and the Chicago SunTimes.

Sweet Schedule

Day I will be a full day of talks and keynotes followed by some lightning talks and an afterparty. Day II will be an open hackday for news-mapping projects. Join us for one or both!

Where: Parsons: The News School

When: May 15th-16th  9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Sponsors: Parson's Journalism + Design Program  Knight Mozilla Open News

Swell Speakers

You can read more about the schedule on the conference site  but here are a few featured mapping projects from our set-list of speakers to give you a taste of what's to come!

Ben Wellington

Ben Wellington is the author of a citizen reporting blog called iQuantNY where  among other things  he publishes maps and talks statistics and city planning  subjects he also addresses in the courses he teaches at Pratt Institute's City and Regional Planning Program.

As a CartoDB Ambassador  he's made some pretty cool maps  including the recently written up parking ticket fine-by-state map below:


Daniel Goddemeyer

Daniel Goddemeyer is researcher  professor  and designer whose work explores how the increasing access to personal data will change our future everyday. As a resident at our CartoDB offices in New York  Daniel works on indepedent visualization projects and building coursework for his class at SVA; and one of his recent works is currently on display at the New York Public Library!

'On Broadway' investigates various ways to visualize and map the longest street in Manhattan.


On Broadway

Nadja Popovich

Nadja Popovich's work as a journalist at the Guardian-US maps data in creative but not always cartographic ways. She designs and builds interactives that track the trajectory of cultural  political  and social experience; characterizing how our circumstance and surroundings map us as humans.

You can explore an example of her stellar work in this piece on representation and diversity in US Congress  filtered and mapped by demographics  age  and education.


Are you reflected in the new Congress?

Jeff Larson

Jeff Larson is the Data Editor at ProPublica  and of late has been working at the intersection of investigative journalism and satellite mapping. His talk will feature his work in 'space journalism' and a breakdown of some of the slick data collection and dev work that went into Losing Ground  a ProPublica interactive about land-loss in Louisiana.


Losing Ground

Details + Discounts!

Interested in attending  giving a lightning talk  or scoring a student scholarship to fund your attendance? Check out the conference site for more information on all of the above.

If you're a member of IRE or a NICAR attendee  you benefit from a pretty swell discount code as advertised [in this post]!

Best of all  the first 15 people who get to the end of this blog post have earned themselves a 95% discount!


Code: newsies2015

If you'd like to tweet about the event  or the sweet speaker set list  please use the #geojournews hashtag and @cartoDB!

Hope to see you on May 15th! In the meantime  Happy Mapping!